VHS to DVD Recorder Models that Up-Convert to 1080p


Transferring VHS to DVD can be challenging but, thankfully, there are options out there for those who are too busy or too short on cash for the more expensive and time-consuming alternatives. Meet the VHS to DVD recorder – a solution to the problem of deteriorating VHS tapes. It is a digital tool worth its weight in gold.

Buying an easy-to-use VHS to DVD recorder from a store like Target or Walmart or Best Buy is probably the easiest way to transfer your VHS tapes to DVD. It is basically a machine that takes the place of both your VHS player and DVD recorder. Just plug it into a TV, insert the VHS tape and DVD disc, and push the button. Soon your movies will be transferred to DVD.

One of the best parts of this method is that it can be purchased at a reasonable cost and it can actually improve the quality of your videos without buying a lot of extra equipment like enhancers and converters.

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