Advertising Supported 6″ Kindle: Is it Worth Putting Up with The Ads for the Lower Price Tag?


The Ad Supported Kindle – featuring special offers and screensavers – is exactly the same as its respective non-ad supported version and comes both with and without 3G connectivity. The only difference is that Amazon have agreed to lower the price of the Kindle by $25 for the permission to show you ads.

So how do the ads display on the Kindle? Amazon say that the ads won’t interrupt your reading at all. Ads will only be shown at the bottom of the home screen (so not while you’re reading), through a “special offers” menu that you can choose to view, and on screensavers when you leave your Kindle idle.

What Kind Of Ads Can You Expect To See?

Amazon are pushing the Ad Supported Kindle on the premise that the ads will even be desirable, based on the fact that they’ll be special offers relevant to you. Some of the examples of potential ads Amazon give are:

  • “$1 for a Kindle book, choose from thousands of books”
  • “$10 for $20 Gift Card”
  • “Save up to $500 off Amazon’s already low prices on select HDTVs”
  • “Spend $10 on Kindle books and get a free $10 Gift Card”

Amazon also say that users can download a free Kindle app (AdMash) that will help users to pick relevant screensavers, so that they only get the kind of offers they really want.

Cons Of The Ad Supported Kindle

It goes without saying that having ads display on the screen is never ideal. The beauty of the original Kindle is that it is so simple. It is designed for reading without distraction, so you can easily forget that you’re reading from a screen and get lost in the ebook just as you would with any physical book. Many people say that ads detract from the simplicity of the Kindle.

The fact is, you’re saving a small fraction of the price for a Kindle to have ads on the device for the lifetime of its ownership. Think about how often, and for how long, you’ll be using the Kindle and whether the small savings really make up for the fact that this Kindle comes with ads.

Pros Of The Ad Supported Kindle

Although the Kindle has come down in price a lot since the first generation was released, its cost still puts a lot of people off ever buying it. Any saving, even a relatively small saving of only $25, is going to make it more accessible to a wider range of people.

Most people who have reviewed the Ad Supported Kindle have even stated that the ads aren’t intrusive at all, and come more in the form of useful and useable coupons rather than random ads. For people who shop regularly at Amazon, you may even benefit from the special deals that come through your Kindle! The ads don’t appear anywhere when you’re reading, so they will never disrupt your reading experience.

A more long term benefit of this new Ad Supported Kindle is that Amazon may continue to lower the prices of its Kindles and eBooks when they know just how much extra revenue they can make by including ads on the device.


Whatever you think about the ads, the truth is that the new Ad Supported Kindle is Amazon’s bestseller – outselling the models that cost $25 more for the benefit of being ad-free. Check the reviews and you’ll see that most of them don’t even notice the ads, suggesting that Amazon have done a good job to ensure they don’t intrude on the reading experience.

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