Kindle Cases: Why do You Need Them and Which One Should You Choose?


The Kindle is thinner and lighter than your average book, which means it’s easy to carry around with you wherever you go. The downside of this means that it’s far more likely to get damaged in your bag, which is why it’s so important to protect it with a good quality case.

Another benefit of using a Kindle case is that many are designed in a “book style”. You’ll find it natural to open up the case and hold it in two hands if you like to use books that way. If not, you can simply pull the cover back and use the Kindle in one hand.

A Selection Of The Most Popular Kindle Cases

If you want to get a good quality case that’ll not only keep your Kindle protected, but will last for a good period of time, then it helps to take a look at the best rated cases available.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover: This is the bestselling case for Kindle, and comes in a huge variety of colors: black, orange, brown, pink, blue, green and red. It has a sleek look, made from leather with a suede interior to keep your Kindle protected at all times. Even better, it includes an LED reading light that hides away when not in use. The light doesn’t require any batteries, it simply draws power from the Kindle device.

Acase Classic Kindle 3 Leather Case: If you’re looking for something a little cheaper than the leather cover above, this is the next best thing. It also features a stylish and robust black leather exterior, and suede inside to prevent any scratches. This case comes with the added benefit of an included screen guard to protect the Kindle screen.

Marware Eco-Vue Leather Kindle Folio: This Kindle case has the added benefit of being made from lightweight eco-friendly leather. Thankfully its eco credentials don’t distract from the style, and this case will fit your Kindle perfectly. It even comes with a unique hand strap on the back to make it as easy as possible to hold your Kindle while reading.

Do Waterproof Kindle Cases Exist?

Many people love to read books in the bath. With an expensive gadget such as the Kindle this becomes a lot more risky! The good news is that cases do exist to keep your Kindle safe, whether you’re in the bath or lounging around beside the pool!

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case for Kindle: This case is available in a few different color schemes to match your style. It’s designed to fit all generations of the Kindle perfectly, and you’ll still have access to the keyboard and navigation buttons. It’s resistant to sun damage, and also protects your Kindle against dirt, frost and sand.

As you can see from this small selection, there’s a Kindle case available to suit all styles and needs. It’s well worth paying a little extra now for a case that’ll keep your Kindle in good condition for years to come.

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