Kindle Reading Lights – A Buyers Guide


If you’re the kind of reader who loves to read in bed, with a partner who loves to sleep instead, then you’re probably well aware of the need for book lights that satisfy both parties! This is no different with the Kindle – a device that functions much like a real book.

Can’t You Read The Kindle In The Dark?!

Some people are shocked to learn that you can’t read a Kindle in the dark – just like you can’t read a book in the dark! The main focus of the design of the Kindle was to create a screen that didn’t strain the eyes like computer screens do. This meant using “e-ink” technology. It doesn’t use a backlight, which is why you won’t be able to read it in the dark without the use of a book light.

Although some people may view this as a downside of the Kindle, it’s actually one of the things that has made it as popular as it is. After all, it wouldn’t be easy for people to give up their beloved books if the Kindle reminded them of reading off a computer screen. Not to mention the fact that you can’t read traditional backlit screens in the sun! With the Kindle, you’ll almost think you’re reading from real paper, and you can still see the page in full sunlight when you’re away on vacation!

Clip On Kindle Reading Lights

The simplest lights you can get for the Kindle are ones designed to be the right size to clip right onto the Kindle. You won’t have to hold the light separately, it’s bright enough for you to see the screen clearly, and not so bright that you’ll wake up your partner who wants to sleep next to you! Here’s a selection of the most popular clip on lights for Kindle:

Cheap LED Book Lights: Your first option is to take a look at cheap stores in your local area to see if they sell any clip on LED book lights. Although these won’t be powerful, and are originally designed for paperback books, many of them will work perfectly with the Kindle.

Kandle For Kindle: This light is specifically designed to clip onto the top of the Kindle without obscuring your view of the screen. It’s one of the most popular Kindle reading lights out there with many happy customers reporting a good amount of light and long battery life. You can also adjust the position of the Kandle, making it useful to get the perfect angle.

M-Edge e-Luminator Kindle Booklight: This is a more affordable yet still sleek reading light for your Kindle. Still very well received on the whole, it has a few more mixed reviews than the Kandle with some users stating that the light isn’t bright enough.

Other Kindle Lighting Options

Until Amazon decide to add a light to the device (which may never happen – they want the Kindle to stay like a “real” book) then your only other options are to buy a case with a built in light, or to turn on the nightlight when you fancy some bedtime reading!

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