10 Uses for the Amazon Kindle Besides eBook Reading

Although the Amazon Kindle is best known as a digital book reader – and is designed, first and foremost, with that in mind – it can do a lot more than store and display eBooks! Here are 10 uses for the Amazon Kindle that you might not have expected.

1) Internet Browsing: Although the browser that comes with the Amazon Kindle isn’t the most advanced, it’s actually very useful in some circumstances. If you have a 3G Kindle model then you’ll never have to pay for accessing the 3G network – very handy for checking emails or simple websites if you’re away from home without a Wi-Fi connection!

2) MP3 Player: The Kindle comes with a headphone jack so that you can also use it as an MP3 player. Perfect for listening to music without having to carry around an extra device, or even listening to any audiobooks you buy.

3) Text To Voice Reader: The Kindle features a text to speech option that’ll read eBooks aloud if you need it to. Although it doesn’t sound completely natural, it’s still a very useful function to have for a number of situations.

4) Dictionary: The Kindle comes preloaded with a dictionary that means looking up words is a lot faster than it has been with traditional books. And, if you want to find out more, you can also access Wikipedia to learn more about what you’re reading.

5) Note Taking: If you’re a student, or just an avid reader, who often wants to take notes then you can finally do so without ruining the book! The Kindle has various features that help you add notes, bookmark points of interest, or highlight sentences and passages that you want to come back to later.

6) Subscriptions To Newspapers And Magazines: A number of traditional print products are now available as digital subscriptions on the Amazon Kindle. Although you do have to pay for this service, it’s extremely convenient and you may even get access to the publications before they hit the news stands!

7) Back Up Books You Already Own: The Amazon Kindle and it’s associated software can also be used to back up books you already own, from physical into digital form. Some books are available to download for free, though you’ll have to pay for others.

8) Read PDF Files: Some books are now provided in PDF format for reading on an eBook reader. More importantly, PDF is also universally used for sharing documents and reports over the internet. These aren’t even available to read in traditional book form, so having a device such as the Kindle that lets you read them away from the computer is a major benefit.

9) Shop For New Books: As well as letting you read books, the Kindle is the perfect place to shop for new ones! You can access the Kindle store through Wi-Fi and 3G (depending on the Kindle model you own) and get them delivered straight to your Kindle from all around the world!

10) Organize Your Book Collection: Although you can organize and search through your physical book library, it’s not nearly as easy as doing it on the Kindle! The Kindle comes with search functions that let you find things fast, or you can organize and personalize the way you store your books based on a number of different criteria.

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