Samsung Free 3D TV Video on Demand Service


The launch and success experienced by 3D TV in 2010 demonstrated the potential for success of this new technology. After a splurge of big name 3D movie releases in the cinemas, it was inevitable that 3D would become a big hit in viewer’s homes also. So with a foot in the door, how is 3D TV going to build on this success? With the percentage of all TVs sold worldwide expected to rise to 50% over the next few years, where can we expect 3D TV to take us in the short term future?

Obviously consumers already have a limited amount of 3D content available to them through 3D Bluray movies and subscription 3D channels. But in order for 3D TV to take off in a big way we are going to need more 3D content to become readily available with at least some of it being free without having to subscribe to expensive premium channels.

This is a point that Samsung one of the leading promoters of 3D TV has clearly identified. Earlier in 2011 Samsung launched a free 3D video on demand service in it’s Korean homeland. The service is provided through the internet and using a 3D capable SmartApp. Samsung teamed up with Dream Works studios to provide 3D movies and trailers, as well other promotional 3D content and programming through their free 3D VOD service. The selection of content available is limited, as Samsung stated themselves they have no intention of becoming a TV production firm, but what the release of this 3D TV VOD service has done is wet the appetites of both consumers and broadcasters.

The service has since been expanded to the UK and will surely be made available to US consumers before the end of 2011. The significance of all this is that Samsung are at least are pushing for the expansion of 3D TV via the web in the form of VOD through their range of 3D LED TVs. And as one of the industry leaders, it won’t be long before the other major players in the industry follow suit and integrate 3D VOD in to their ranges of TV models also.

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