Two Easy to Use Kindle 3 Features

If you’re older than 50, you’re probably not as tech savvy as the younger generations, and may perhaps even feel a little overwhelmed by all the gadgetry that surrounds you today. But don’t let that put you off on checking out one gadget, the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle 3 is an e-book reader that currently dominates the market for portable, lightweight e-readers.

It’s as easy to use as opening a hard-copy book, but unlike a book, it can be loaded with hundreds of books to read at your leisure. It is  like a printed book in the normal sense, in that you need light to read. Unlike computer screens, the Kindle uses what’s called e-ink technology which mimics normal print media. So the Kindle 3 can be read in bright sunlight and is as easy on the eyes as normal print text. Also, just like a book, at night you need a light source to be able to read.

Just to highlight how user friendly the Kindle 3 is, let’s look at 2 of its functions

  • Firstly have the Kindle dictionary. Using a dictionary while reading a normal book is a hassle for most people. With the advent of electronic readers however, it becomes much easier as these devices include a built-in dictionary. Looking up words on the fly, as you are reading your Kindle is very easy. When you come across a word you want to find the meaning of,  just use the 5-way controller on the Kindle. Pushing down brings a cursor in from the top of the page. If you push up, the cursor starts from the bottom. Just move it to the start of the word that you want to check. What then happens is that you will see a brief definition of the word at the top or bottom of your Kindle screen. If you want a more in-depth definition, just press the enter button. This will take you to a full screen dictionary page. Then, to get back to your book, just use the Back button. That’s it. Simple isn’t it.
  • Kindle screen rotation is really simple too. The button that you want to use is the one that says AA. This is located next to the Kindle spacebar. When you press this button, a pop up menu appears which allows you to choose your screen alignment. Being able to rotate the the screen comes in very handy for PDF files and wide aspect pictures.

So there, 2 simple functions you want find on your regular book or magazine. Don’t let the fact that the Kindle is some “new-fangled” gadget stop you from buying it and enjoying a whole new word of e-books that are much cheaper then their printed brethren.

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