Pocket Size HD Video Cameras


If you are intimidated by bulky, professional-looking camcorders, you’ll be happy to know that there are stylish, HD video cameras you can use that will easily fit in your pocket.  High definition or HD video cameras are usually designed for high-quality, professional video productions but these days just about anybody can have a video camera to record family events, weddings, vacations, sporting events, and other special occasions.

High definition video or HD video clips have a high resolution, usually at least 1024×768 pixels.  These days, nearly all still digital cameras are capable of shooting video clips.  However, not all of them can capture HD videos.  There are also digital cameras that can shoot HD video but only at slower frame rates.

Compact and Convenient

With an HD video camera, you can capture special events easily.  A pocket size camera resembles a mobile phone in size and shape and can fit in your purse or pocket.  You can take it anywhere with you– on adventure trips, parties, vacation, or clubbing.  A small LCD screen allows you to view your video clips.  Most HD pocket video cameras come with 4GB or more of internal memory.

Recording Media

Many HD video cameras these days are equipped with built-in storage in the form of an internal flash memory or hard drive.  The trend, however, is toward removable flash media such as SDHC as the primary recording medium.  The biggest advantage to using removable memory cards is that you can carry several of these with you, allowing you to increase your recording time as needed.  SDHC cards are becoming more affordable these days and their capacity is rapidly expanding.

The recorded files can be copied or uploaded to a PC easily.  Some HD video cameras are equipped with a built-in HDMI output so you can watch your captured videos on your HDTV.

Image Sensors

HD video cameras these days have either CMOS or CCD image sensor.  CMOS sensors are more prone to noise but they are more affordable than CCD sensors.  Video cameras have either 1 or 3 sensors.  Professional and prosumer HD video cameras are equipped with 3 sensors, producing sharper images and denser colors.

Image Stabilizers

An image stabilizer in an HD video camera makes it possible to capture steady and sharp videos all the time.  The camera may use either an optical or digital/electronic stabilizer.


Zoom can be optical or digital, and it’s best to choose an HD video camera with optical zoom.  Digital zoom only enlarges the pixels, making the shots appear grainy.

Popular HD Video Cameras

Kodak, Sony, JVC, and Toshiba manufacture top-quality yet affordable HD video cameras.  The Flip video camera is one of the most popular models to hit the market.  Unfortunately, it was recently discontinued.

Other popular HD pocket video cameras are Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5 and Creative Vado HD.  You can visit gadget review sites to find out more about compact video cameras and check out their features and prices.


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