The Best Basic Digital Camera – Canon PowerShot S95


If you’re looking for a basic digital camera and have been searching online for the best beginner digital camera, then read on.

I recently helped my mom purchase her next digital camera due to the fact she was so unhappy with her previous digital camera, a Sony. After comparing quite a number of different models and brands I settled on the Canon PowerShot S95, which turns out to be an excellent digital camera for my mum’s purposes.  Here’s a few brief points on why I decided upon the Canon S95 as the best digital camera in this situation.

  • Controls were the number one reason I recommend this digital camera. They’re nicely outlined and clear, believe it or not I never had to browse the manual on this camera and truly did not need to. This is one of the highlights of Canon’s digital cameras, the camera is intuitive to use and very user friendly. The functions are laid out in grid format system with big icons making it a breeze to locate any options you may wish to change for a particular shot.
  • Camera Stabilization- Canon’s S95 digital camera has the excellent Canon image stabilizer built in and it’s simply amazing. I honestly have no idea how it operates despite reading a ton of info about it on the internet.No shakes or blurs, even with action pics.
  • Great night shots. Even at night without any bright lighting, I can take excellent pictures. This alone makes me want to suggest this camera.
  • Great special effects in the configurations menus which I adore, yes I said adore. You can do cool things like monochrome or sepia, in addition to a number of other innovative filter systems. This camera has a wide range of image effects to help newbies go outside the box with creativity.

The Canon S95 is a pleasure for me to use and my mother is still telling her close friends about it. The price of this camera also is not expensive and is affordable for most of us.  One last thing I just remembered is the camera has digital photography basics built in as you go through the different auto modes.

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