A New Edge Under the Water – Swimming MP3 Players


The sources athletes turn to for inspiration and motivation is just as varied as the competitors themselves.  Some may have a lucky pair of socks that helps them keep focused during the game, while others are motivated by the cheer of the crowd.  However, there is one source of motivation that virtually all athletes share: music.  While they may not be able to play their favorite tunes while competing with other teams, they may listen still prefer to get pumped by listening to their favorite song before the game, or even while practicing.

A song’s beat can help the athlete stay motivated to push harder while working out and also helps them shift their focus to something other than the exhaustion that may tempt them to quit.  However, this type of motivation does present a disadvantage to one type of athlete: the swimmer.  Electronics are known for being hazardous around water, but if a stereo is placed too far from the pool, the music may become muffled, especially when the swimmer dunks underwater.

Fortunately, in the age of ever advancing technology, a solution has been developed just for swimmers.  Many companies are now developing swimming mp3 players, which are designed to overcome the challenges presented to technology by the presence of water and rigorous training.  These devices allow swimmers to securely strap on the headphones and listen to their favorite music as they train.  It can also provide additional benefits, such as headphones that help cover the ears to keep water from dripping in, or settings that allow athletes to customize their pace with a preferred beats per minute rate.  Finally, swimmers can gain the edge in their training without losing their motivation.

However, care must be taken in choosing the best swimming mp3 player, as some are better fit for an athlete than others, and cheaper is not always better.  Comfort level is one of the primary issues that should be considered, as they must fasten securely to the athlete’s head along with goggles and, sometimes, caps.  Preferred features must also be considered.  Some of the more advanced swimming mp3 players don’t even use headphones; rather, they actually use the athlete’s bones to transfer the sound, increasing comfort levels and sound quality.

If you would prefer to keep your music and your training on dry land we recommend  the Sandisk Sansa Fuze.This player comes with a built-in FM radio tuner.  It is also expandable with a microSD slot and the coolest function of all is it’s compatibility with the slotRadio, which is a microSD card preloaded with a 1000 songs. You can get these slotRadio cards in different Genres for about 20-40 dollars. How much would 1000 songs on iTunes cost you? This player is a great value and has some cool features.

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