Philips Surge Protectors: Saving Electronics From Surge Damage


When it comes to the requirements needed for protection against a power surge, the Philips surge protector has all that you need to avoid damages to your household appliances and electronics. Most homes in the United States will have outlets that are 120 volts. The Philips surge protector will offer protection against a power surge for a reasonable price. This is great for those individuals who are on a budget. You can use the Philips for protection on your computer equipment and other household appliances and home theater equipment.

If you are concerned that you will not know which power protector is right for you, you can feel reassured knowing that on the back of each package is a color code that will instruct you to which one is right for which item of your household. You will be able to find outlets that are wall mounts and you can purchase single outlets as well. The indicator light is great for telling you whether or not the surge protector is working properly.

The conversion points of use are the devices that are well known as they will easily allow for a two plug outlet to become a six plug outlet allowing for individuals to have more outlet space when they are limited. If you have children, it is important that you use a outlet cover that is child safety covers and this allows you to keep children from inserting objects in to a power source such as the outlet. The surge protector will also have a light on it which makes it easier to spot in the dark.

The devices that are more well known are the 10 outlet that Philips has is in the slim line that can be used in the home as well as in the office. The whole computer can be plugged into it as well as all your accessories such as the printer, fax machine combo as well as connecting a video conference device.

Your valuable electronic equipment is going to need to be protected when you have a power surge that enters into your electrical lines, with the Philips surge protectors, you have the chance to protect your most prized electronics. You work hard to have the items that you do have and therefore you want to keep it protected from being damaged.

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