Social Aspects Can Help Big Brands Succeed in Virtual Worlds


Social games are exploding in popularity right now.  These games were originally linked to social sites like Facebook.  But now there are big brands looking to cash in on these avatar games.  One of the main ingredients to success for these games lies with the social aspects of playing.

Big Names Paying Big Bucks

Some global brands have already jumped into the virtual world.  Companies such as Hello Kitty started branching out into the virtual genre in order to increase sales.  But large brands are seeing a hurdle in the price tag required to start their own wold from scratch.  Several companies have realized this price barrier and started offering services to help build the world much cheaper.

Social Aspects Attracts More Users

The social games that have been introduced in the past few years have demonstrated a model that can be copied in order to attract similar success.  Allowing people to connect and chat online with their real world friends is a great way to introduce a new game. This aspect is really inviting to women who seem more drawn to social games.  In addition, these games are light and simple requiring little effort and small amounts of time to play.

Monetizing the Social Games

Another reason to include social aspects is to generate more revenue.  Studies have shown that efforts made at selling goods within the game are futile if the game does not appeal to other friends.  People like to create their online identity through these purchases but it only matters when their real life friends can see their efforts.  Other people like the status it gives them when they achieve a certain level in a game.  All of these items are important for generating repeat visits from happy players who will spread the word to their family and friends.

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