What is a Tablet PC?


I am sure you have repeatedly heard different things about the famous iPad. It is a device that has been sold in over 3 million copies since it was launched. It has been so successful that a whole frenzy has started about the whole category of devices that are similar to the iPad: the tablet PC frenzy.

So what are Tablet PC devices really? Well, to put it simple they are mobile computers. You could be awestruck because of not seeing a keyboard, but the main characteristic of tablet PCs is that their input device is a touch screen. You communicate with your device directly through its screen. This is probably why tablet PCs are continuously growing in popularity; as a user you interact a lot easier with your device.

Many people consider the Apple iPad to be the best tablet PC, but you have a lot of different alternatives to the iPad. You will find all sorts of tablet PCs on the market. Anything from e-book readers that use the special e-ink screen technology that helps protect your eyes to tablets that are bound to offer you thrilling and entertaining mobile experiences.

If you will be looking for a tablet PC one of the things you will have to think about is what operating system you want your tablet PC to run on. This is where you will find two main tablet PC categories. You will find Android tablets and Windows Tablet PC devices. It is pretty hard to make a tablet PC comparison by simply exclusively taking the operating system into consideration, but there are certain advantages and disadvantages for each operating system!

You might want to choose a Windows tablet if you are used with the Windows operating system and do not like drastic changes, however you should be aware that you will probably pay extra for the Windows Mobile operating system license. On the other hand if you want to save some money you will find many cheap Android tablets on the market that are certainly worth your attention. Good luck finding the best Tablet PC for your needs!

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