Are Tablet PC’s Better Than Netbooks?


Tablets are the latest and greatest innovation when it comes to mobile computing. They have great potential and many super cool improvements in technology, like multiple touch interfaces. Technologies like this are giving tablet PCs are real boost in the eyes of consumers and may, eventually take over the position of netbooks for light weight ultra portable mobile computing.

One of the key benefit to a tablet is that you don’t have to open it, you just unlock it, whether by swipe or passcode, and you are off and running. You are also able to use it like a book, or prop it up like a picture frame to watch movies, or even play games on it just by tilting it back and forth.

But on the other hand netbooks have distinct advantages over tablets. The keyboard for example is a must have for some people. A virtual keyboard is nice and dandy, but when you have to do some serious writing, there is nothing quite like the tactile sensation of a real keyboard. Netbooks also, currently interface a little better with other computers around them. This comes from the fact that they run the same operating system. Its only a matter of time before the programmers making the iOS and Android systems figure this out and everything will be able to integrate seemlessly.

So which is currently better you ask? Well that depends entirely on how you want to use it. They are both super portable, both light weight, and both are easy to use. But if you need to do a lot of writing or you want to add a mouse to the system then a netbook is the go to device. However, if you want to read books, play games, and interact with the social side of the web then a tablet PC might be exactly what you are looking for.

While you can buy cheap netbooks under $500, the newer tablets start around that price. Which laptop or tablet you choose to buy both can do very similar things, so get it, sit back, and enjoy.

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