How do you Find the Best Laptop for Under $300?


The matter of which laptop is best, is more accurately defined as what laptop is best for a particular need as those that use them for gaming, programming or just for general web and email will have different needs and requirements.  The best general rule when searching for an affordable laptop is to stick with established and notable providers, or at least those that are recognized for their reputable business practices.  Fortunately, there are online outlets that can help you find the best prices for laptops, and combined with some research online, quality laptops can be found for very low prices.

Two of the absolute best outlets for finding laptops under 300 dollars are E-Bay and the manufacturers themselves. has some of the handiest features and methods for narrowing the search and ensuring the sellers have a proven track record, and the manufacturers have great deals on models that did not sell as good or are just basic platforms with no additional features.  The manufacturers’ websites, and the online auction sites, are also some of the most likely places to find refurbished laptops for under 300 dollars, and in some cases, with sites like, some are even less than that.  As technological advances force prices down for cell phones, reverse cell phone lookup services, computer hardware and other hi-tech products and services, prices for laptops should also decrease in the future.  However, this depends on what additional features are added to the computers, including expensive basic software packages.

Once a particular laptop or provider has been identified, using some of the online resources and reviews from sources like and similar sites can help you in checking out the model in question and any known problems  that maybe associated with it.

New laptops under 300 dollars are not that uncommon either, and some of the smaller models, like 7” and 10” models, can often be purchased directly from most retailers or from the manufacturer, depending on the particular needs.  These smaller versions are often just as sophisticated as the bigger models, just in a smaller package, making them some of the most sought after new laptops under 300 dollars.

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