Media Speculation Points To iPad 3 Release This Fall


Given that the iPad 2 is yet to be released, any talk of an iPad 3 will seem irrelevant and futile to most people. But a number of media reports making their rounds online suggest that the iPad 3 may be released much sooner than most people expect with a prominent technology commentator expecting a fall 2011 release.

The reason behind the abrupt release of the iPad 3 seems to be the competition. While the iPad remains the undisputed leader of the tablet space, a number of new tablets like the Android 3 based Motorola Xoom and HP’s WebOS based TouchPad are to be released soon. Many of these tablet PCs sport features that are significantly superior to the current version of the iPad. By launching newer versions of the iPad in quick succession, Apple wants to stay ahead of the competition and continue its domination of the tablet PC space.

Company sources have insisted that Apple is preparing a “big fall surprise” for its customers and it now seems quite clear that this fall surprise is the iPad 3. The current Apple strategy seems to be focused on releasing a better version of the current iPad (iPad2) in the near future followed by a new generation iPad 3 later this fall.

While Apple has refused to comment on the iPad 2, a recent WSJ report confirms that the iPad 2 is already in production and features a more powerful processor and additional storage space as compared to the current iPad. The digital display is expected to see no major changes and the screen resolution will be the same as that of the current iPad. The iPad 2 is also expected to come equipped with a front camera for making video calls. The above mentioned specs point to the fact that the iPad 2 will only be an improved and more powerful version of the current iPad instead of a totally new device. This fact seems to support media speculation about a fall release for the iPad 3.

While Apple Inc. has made no comments or announcements about the technical specifications and features of the iPad 3, one can safely assume that it will come equipped with the retina-like display that has become extremely popular with the iPhone 4. The iPad 3 may also be substantially lighter and thinner than the current iPad and may feature a small form factor all together.

If media reports regarding a fall release for the iPad 3 are authentic, then it is quite possible that the iPad 3 will adversely affect iPad 2 sales and Apple will also face a hard time convincing users to upgrade from the iPad 2 to the iPad 3 in such a short period of time.

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