Zynga’s CityVille Becomes the Fastest Growing Game in History


Popular social network game developer Zynga created history when the Zynga-designed CityVille became the fastest growing game of all time by adding over a 100 million users on Facebook in just 43 days. CityVille is the latest in a series of popular Facebook games designed by Zynga.

CityVille is a city simulation app on the lines of Sim City. On January 3, just over a month after its release, CityVille surpassed Zynga’s FarmVille in terms of users to become the most popular application on Facebook. FarmVille’s user base saw a peak of around 84 million users in March 2010.

CityVille has become of the face of casual Facebook apps that go a long way in increasing Facebook’s popularity and brand recall with users. Even as Facebook exceeds 600 million users, game apps such as CityVille play an important role in attracting new users and retaining old ones. CityVille’s popularity can be gauged by the fact that one in six Facebook users is now playing CityVille.

Over 18.5 million users play CityVille on a daily basis as compared to FarmVille’s record of 34.5 million daily users. Zynga is the most popular app maker for Facebook; various Zynga applications now attract over 296.6 million users on a monthly basis. Zynga’s dominance of the Facebook app space is complete and its closest competition – Takeoff Monkey is way behind with only 57 million monthly users.

CityVille is a comprehensive city simulation game that allows users to build a complete town with houses, shops, farms and community buildings. It builds on the Facebook experience by enabling users to add their friends as neighbors; a feature common to all Zynga game apps on Facebook. CityVille was designed by a Zynga game development team led by ex-Electronic Arts employee Mark Skaggs. Skaggs has said that CityVille was designed in a manner that would allow users to experience complete control of their cities in real time.

Like all other Zynga games, every move you make in CityVille requires energy which in turn is replaced slowly over a period of time. A user can purchase energy directly from Zynga’s website via credit cards or PayPal thereby generating revenue for Zynga.

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