War of the Search Engines – Report Shows Microsoft’s Bing Gaining on Google


After almost a decade and a half of complete dominance, search giant Google Inc. finally seems to have met a worthy opponent in Microsoft’s Bing. A recent report published by market researcher Experian Hitwise shows that Google lost market share to Bing this January. The report also says that Bing displays more accurate results as compared to Google.

Bing attracted 27% of all search queries in the U.S. this January as compared to 25% in December. In addition to Microsoft, Bing’s technology also powers Yahoo’s search engine. In contrast, Google’s share of the U.S. search market fell to under 69% in January as compared to 70% in December.

The Experian Hitwise report also reveals that 81% of all search queries at Bing were successful and led to users clicking on a website link of their liking. On the other hand, only 65% of search queries in Google translated into website clicks – a worrying statistic for Google.

Search engines like Google earn money from advertisements, user clicks to sponsored websites and by charging websites for better placement in search links. The above mentioned statistics have the potential to significantly dent Google’s revenues going forward.

The underlying tension and differences between Google and Microsoft came to the fore at a recently held event in San Fransisco where Microsoft accused Google of profiting from web spam and Google in turn accused Microsoft of copying its top SERP (Search engine results page) to improve Bing’s search capabilities.

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