Angry Bird, Android and a Bad Piggy Bank


The latest version of “Angry Bird” – a popular mobile game developed by Rovio, advertises the recently announced Super-Bowl tie-up and tries to solve the problem of Android fragmentation, especially in low-powered Android devices.

Angry Bird version 1.5.1 has been released for both Android and iOS based devices. The new version also promotes the upcoming “Rio” version of the popular bird-throwing game which in turn is based on the forthcoming “Angry Birds Rio” animated movie.

On a fundamental note, the new version of the game sports two major changes, viz. end to Android fragmentation and in-app operator based purchasing.

Angry Bird takes on Android Fragmentation

Since the release of the first Angry Bird game, Rovio has received complaints that the Angry Bird doesn’t run properly on many low-powered Android-based devices. Most Android devices have differing technical specifications like processor power, button placement, software version, memory size and even keyboard type. This variance leads to an uneven performance from the individual device and is referred to as Android fragmentation. In the latest Angry Bird update, developers Rovio have included an option which switches on a low-graphics mode. This option will go a long way in making Angry Bird playable on low-powered Android devices.

In-app operator based purchasing

Rovio has completely bypassed the Android market by introducing an SMS-based operator billing system called Bad Piggy Bank. This system allows users to purchase in-game content and unlock new levels via SMS and gives them the option of paying their wireless operator directly. This system is expected to catch on in many parts of the world where credit cards are still not commonly used.

The new payment system has caused concern among some Angry Bird enthusiasts because the new payment system gives Rovio complete access to a users messaging service. On its part, Rovio has defended the Bad Piggy Bank payment system by assuring users that, “Angry Birds does not use the SMS functionality of the device for any other purpose than Bad Piggy Bank payments.”

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