Apple Set to Launch iPad 2


Apple has started producing an improved version of the current iPad. According to sources, the new iPad 2 is expected to include a built-in camera and a faster processor.

Sources added that the updated iPad will be slimmer than the earlier model and will also weigh less while featuring the same digital display. The new iPad will also have a better graphics processor and more memory capacity as compared to the current device. Sources also said that the new iPad was being manufactured by the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., popularly known as Foxconn. Apple has declined any comment on the matter.

This development shows that Apple considers the iPad 2 very important to its success. Since its debut last April, Apple has sold over 14.8 million iPads and the iPad now represents almost a fifth of Apple’s revenues. The new iPad is expected to hit the stores in a few months and will be available at a price range which is similar to the current iPad.

Apple’s iPad upgrade seems to have been necessitated by the ever-increasing competition in the tablet PC space. A number of technology and consumer electronics companies like Motorola, Samsung, Dell and Research in Motion are working on a multitude of tablet PC products. Many of these tablets have features that are pretty superior to what is currently on offer in the iPad like 4G access and significantly larger displays.

Apple’s iPad is currently the undisputed leader of the tablet PC market but this is set to change. A report released by research firm IHS iSuppli estimates that the iPad’s share of the tablet PC market will drop to less than 50% as early as 2013 thanks to the increased competition. Apple will do its best to maintain its leadership position and the iPad upgrade is a step in that direction.

While the iPad 2 is expected to come with a number of exciting features, users will be less than enthused by its digital display. Sources say that Apple engineers have been unable to improve the display significantly mainly due to its relatively large size as compared to the iPhone display.

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