Amazon Kindle Offers Preview of Latest Software Update


Amazon has released a software update for its popular e-reader Kindle. The software update will allow Kindle users to network with other users in the larger Kindle community and it will also convert the entire process of reading and reviewing books into a seamless whole. The major highlights of the software update are listed below.

Public Notes

The Public Notes feature will allow users to share book notes and remarks with other Kindle users. The feature will also allow users to track other users and access Public Notes posted by them. This Kindle meets Twitter feature is the most important aspect of the latest software update.

Real Page Numbers

The page numbers in most e-books rarely correspond to the actual page numbers in the print editions of those books. The latest Kindle update features thousands of e-books with page numbers that are identical to their print editions. This will help Kindle users refer to book passages and make citations accurately. This feature will also allow students to use Kindle while participating in book readings and book clubs

Before You Go

Kindle’s latest Before You Go feature will allow users to rate books as they read them, access book reviews, get more information about authors and share their book choices with friends on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

New Newspaper And Magazine Layout

The latest Kindle software update comes with a brand new easy to use layout for newspapers and magazines. The layout will give a brief summary of all news items and allow users to select what they want to read first.

The software update is currently available for direct download on Amazon’s website. It will be transferred to all Kindle and Kindle 3G users via Wi-Fi in the near future.

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