Angry Birds: Movie to be Advertised on Super Bowl

Angry Birds: Movie to be Advertised on Super Bowl

Game developer Rovio announced recently that Angry Birds characters will participate in a Super Bowl commercial meant to advertise the Angry Birds animated movie. The movie is based on an extremely popular mobile game of the same name developed by Rovio.

The Angry Birds game has been downloaded millions of times and the game characters have become exceedingly popular. This has led to a movie deal with 20th Century Fox; the animation film, titled “Angry Birds Rio” has been produced by Rovio and will be marketed by 20th Century Fox. Rovio is also planning to develop an Angry Birds game based on the movie.

On the other hand, Rovio has announced that Android smart phone users in Finland will be able to purchase Mighty Eagle and other game-related content via a newly developed payment system called “Bad Piggy Bank.” Rovio has also announced the release of updates for both iOS and Android based devices.

The Bad Piggy Bank payment system may be adopted in other countries in the near future. Previously Rovio was forced to come up with its own SMS-based payment system as in-app purchases were not enabled on Android based devices. But the launch of the Android 3 “Honeycomb” mobile OS is set to change all that and the Bad Piggy Bank System will probably replace Rovio’s SMS payment system in the days ahead.

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