Galaxy S 4G to Debut on T-Mobile – LG G Slate Tablet Coming


U.S. network carrier T-Mobile announced the forthcoming release of the Galaxy S 4G smart phone and the G-Slate tablet on its network. The company said that Galaxy S 4G will begin shipping next month while the G-Slate tablet by LG will see a spring release. T-Mobile also volunteered some technical specifications for the G-Slate tablet by saying that it will feature a 8.9 inch 3D enabled digital display.

The company has refused to disclose pricing details or the precise release date for any of the two devices in question. Many analysts have speculated that T-Mobile’s hasty announcement is mainly due to the impending release of Verizon’s iPhone. The Verizon iPhone was available for pre-order this Thursday and is set to debut in a week’s time.

LG’s G-Slate was first displayed at the CES 2011 held in Las Vegas this January. It is among the first few tablets to be based on the Android 3 “Honeycomb” operating system. G-Slate is also 4G ready and will be able to access T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. T-Mobile has said that the high speed HSPA+ network will allow for download speeds as high as 21 mbps with average speeds of 12 mbps.

T-Mobile has also revealed other technical specifications for the G-Slate. The 3D graphics will be watchable only by using 3D glasses. G-Slate also comes with a full HD enabled stereoscopic video recorder with 1080p resolution and a powerful 5 MP camera. G-Slate is powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor and comes with 32 GB of internal storage space.

The Galaxy S 4G is simply the 4G version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S smart phone. Its 4G capability will allow it to access T-Mobile’s high speed HSPA+ network. The Galaxy S 4G is based on the Android 2.2 mobile OS and comes with a 4 inch AMOLED touch screen that is the hallmark of the Samsung Galaxy series of smart phones.

Like most new smart phones, the Galaxy s 4G comes with dual cameras. The rear camera comes with a 720 p screen resolution and is mainly meant for video calls. T-Mobile has also announced a slew of data plans for the Galaxy S 4G starting at $10 per month.

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