Buying a Honda Navigation Update for Your Civic

If you have bought a Honda Civic over the last couple of years and opted to have, or it already had, a Honda Navigation System built-in to the dashboard then you might occasionally experience the GPS getting lost.   This is down to the fact that a GPS device is only as good as the maps loaded onto it, and for Honda car drivers that means you need to purchase Honda map updates at every year to keep completely current.

Thankfully it’s very easy to buy a Honda Navigation Update, and the new mapping software comes on DVD and is available online from the official Honda navigation store.  Once you’ve received your new GPS disc you will need to install the new maps – and this is how you do that:

Installing a Honda Navigation Update Disc

  1. Turn on the ignition in your Honda Civic – please note, do not turn the car or GPS device off during the install process.
  2. Eject your existing Honda Navigation DVD and insert the new one.
  3. Wait for an onscreen prompt which will ask you to enter your unique authentication code – you can find this on the DVD case.
  4. The new map updates will now install – be aware this could take anything up to an hour to complete.

What’s on the New Honda Civic Navigation DVD?

As well as every single road change and update that’s occurred in the previous year, the disc also comes with loads of added extras.  For example, you will have millions of Points of Interest files at your fingertips meaning you can jump in the Honda Civic any day and navigate to an interesting or useful destination.  This is great for planning holidays as there’s a database of tourist destinations on it as well as many full-filled days out.   

How Much Do Honda Civic GPS Updates Cost?

A Honda Civic Navigation Update will typically cost about $160 US Dollars.  This might sounds a lot, but when compared to purchasing a new GPS device all together is actually remarkably good value. 

But, it Will Save You Money!

Not only that, but the Honda GPS navigation system will always try and route you the most cost-efficient route either being the quickest or shortest.  This means you can make fuel savings and will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions that your Honda Civic produces – all in all very good reasons to buy a new Honda GPS disc for 2012.

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