Get Into Home Karaoke with the Memorex Singstand


Whether you are new to karaoke or a veteran looking for something exciting, Memorex has the product for you and your home. Most people associate karaoke machines with boxy designs that harkens back to a day when the hobby was a lot cheesier. But karaoke is here to stay and it’s becoming a regular part of celebrations or recreation time like never before. Modern technology is headed in an exciting new direction and the Memorex Singstand is one of the first generation of machines that incorporate iPod technology. It’s the perfect blend of traditional karaoke fun with modern ways that music can be administered today. It has an extremely reasonable price tag that will make it a perfect choice for a gift, or treat yourself if you simply can’t get enough singing at home.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Singstand is its rather unusual presentation and design. It doesn’t look like a karaoke machine because in a way, it’s not. It follows a microphone design model where the speakers are attached to the base. The microphone extends up and the top is where you can accommodate your favorite iPod or MP3 player. It’s a rather sleek package that will definitely draw attention wherever you choose to place it in your home entertainment room. Anybody who sees it will definitely wonder what it is, and that will make a perfect chance for you to show off its musical power.

You might not think that the sound would be all that impressive since the speakers are located in a relatively confined space along the floor. But all you have to do is turn up the volume and you’ll get a perfect blend of music and vocals that will fill your room with no problem. Of course you also have the option of attaching the system to an exterior set of speakers or home entertainment set up. This will effectively boost the sound potential using whatever equipment you already own. One problem associated with some karaoke machines is a disproportionate focus on either the music track or vocals. You won’t experience that with the Singstand, and in part is due to the fact you’ll be using your iPod for background music.

More karaoke systems are incorporating Apple technology these days, but the Singstand boasts one of the most user-friendly approaches. You’ll have everything you need at the touch of a button because your iPod will be right in front of your face attached to the microphone. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use traditional karaoke CDs with the Singstand. For some people that means great news, while others will see it as a reason to look elsewhere for a home system. It all depends on your own personal singing style and what you are used to when it comes to this hobby. The advantage of using CDs is that you get a more enriched karaoke experience because you hear more of your voice. Using your iPod however gives you the advantage of using real versions of songs even though you might have to sing over the original track a little bit. The choice is up to you, but for the price you pay for the Singstand, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be disappointed.

Overall, this is a great choice that every member of the family can enjoy in their own way. You also have the option of attaching an electric keyboard, drum set, or wireless headphones so that you can expand your group or individual singing options. It’s easy enough for kids to operate on their own, or the adults can have fun with wild karaoke parties as well.

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