Google Releases Android 3.0 Platform Highlights


Some good news for all you Android fans out there; Google has come out with a list of technical specifications and features that will be included in its upcoming
Android 3 “Honeycomb” mobile operating system. Google’s announcement comes even as a number of Android 3 powered tablets like the Motorola Xoom are about to be released shortly.

Google has designed the Android 3 OS to take on the highly anticipated iPad 2 tablet which runs on Apple’s iOS operating system. The Android 3 will come equipped with a holographic interface and a Chrome-like web browser. According to Google’s official statement, “The new UI brings fresh paradigms for interaction, navigation and customization and makes them available to all applications — even those built for earlier versions of the platform.”

The Android 3 “Honeycomb” OS will feature a brand new online keyboard which is designed to be significantly larger than the earlier version. The new online keyboard will also have a number of extra keys and existing keys will be re-positioned for user convenience. The Copy and Paste functions will also be simplified greatly.

The new OS comes with a “System Bar” which will provide the user with information regarding system status and contain a list of the Apps that are active in the system. The System Bar will also allow the user to navigate between active applications in a seamless manner.

Honeycomb also features an “Action Bar” which will be positioned at the top of the screen. The Action Bar will display all options, widgets and information related to the app that is active at that point of time. Honeycomb will also allow users to set-up five different customizable home screens; each with their own unique short-cuts, widgets and wallpapers. This will let multiple users use the same tablet with ease.

Honeycomb comes equipped with a Media/Photo transfer protocol which will significantly speed up the transfer of files between cameras and tablets. The OS will also contain a brand new camera app with a slew of photo editing features like exposure, focus, flash and zoom etc.

The Contacts and Email applications in Android 3 will be similar to iPad’s e-mail app. They will utilize a two-pane interface to synchronize with larger tablet screens and contact details will now be shown in a business card format.

The Platform Highlights suggest that Google has come up with a real Tablet specific OS in the form of Android 3. Tablets powered by the Honeycomb OS have the potential to offer some serious competition to the Apple iPad 2.

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