GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems – What Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology Offer the Consumer?

The Benefits of a Vehicle Tracking System

There are many good reasons people opt to use some sort of GPS vehicle tracking system on their cars. Some of these reasons are personal and others are strictly for business purposes. However, it does not matter what the reason is, GPS vehicle tracking devices have made life a lot easier for a number of people. There are a couple of basic methods of tracking vehicles. One is through the use of GPS technology and the other through GLONASS technology. However, today there are devices that cross both technologies and they are becoming increasingly more popular.

GPS and GLONASS – Basis of all GPS Vehicle and Car Tracker Devices

GPS and GLONASS work through satellites that continuously orbit the earth. GPS- Global Positioning Satellite is American and was developed by the US government, whereas GLONASS is Russia’s system. (Global Navigation Satellite system.) With these two technologies combined we are finding much more accurate vehicle tracking devices than ever before. There is still much work to be done but there are many more products which use the two technologies being created every day.

Using GPS Tracking Devices to Recover Stolen or Repossessed Vehicles

Some of the first GPS tracking devices were invented to be installed on cars in order to know the whereabouts of the car in the event it should be stolen. This caught on quickly and a number of different people began employing the technology for a variety of other different reasons. It did not take long before car dealerships that leased cars or sold them on a “buy here- pay here” basis began using things like Passtime, a device that prevents the car from starting without a special code, in conjunction with a vehicle tracking device, making repossession much easier on the dealership. In the early days of car tracking devices, they were not easy to come by and they were mostly used only for law enforcement purposes or automobile dealerships.

GPS Tracking Devices Assist Law Enforcement

If someone abducts a child during a car-jacking or some other related situation, a vehicle GPS tracking device will help speed up the process of finding the car and the child unharmed in the least amount of time. The type of tracking device that is typically used for these applications is the Lo-Jack. People have been hearing about them for years but they have mostly always only been available for tracking through federal and law enforcement agencies to find stolen vehicles or address emergency situations such as the above mentioned.

Modern Technology Offers Easy Access and Real Time Vehicle Tracking

These days just about anyone can purchase a vehicle & car tracker and have it installed to the under carriage of their car fairly easily. Most of the modern devices also come with software that allows the car to be tracked in real time using any windows based application or smartphone. These devices can be ordered online or purchased in certain electronics stores. The thing that people love most about these devices is that they are generally placed in such a way so as not to alert the person driving the car that it is even there. This can be very useful for a number of reasons.

Companies Using GPS Fleet Management Tracking Systems

Many businesses such as delivery service companies that have a large fleet of vans that they send out on a daily basis to provide service and deliver goods use GPS Fleet Tracking devices. This enables them to know at all times where each of their vans are located. This helps to protect them from people spending company money and gas for personal matters and it also helps ensure that the drivers are where they are supposed to be at all times. Fleet tracking management systems are being employed at many different trucking and cargo companies and it is anticipated that 2012 will bring many more on board. This technology is definitely becoming the wave of the future.

Vehicle Tracking Systems – Peace of Mind for Worrisome Parents?

Parents with teenagers are going to great lengths to be sure they know just where their kids are these days and with very good reason. While there are GPS tracking devices that work on cell phones, all kids know how to turn their phones off to avoid being tracked, it isn’t rocket science. However, a teen who is unaware that a vehicle tracking device has been installed on his/her vehicle will not be so crafty in the end, will he/she? If a teen goes somewhere he/she has been forbidden, there are programs which will allow a parent to log into an account and see just where that teen’s car is parked. Now this is what I call some very good detective work but from the comfort of your own home!

We cannot fail to mention the oldest reason in the book for wanting to track the whereabouts of a person’s vehi cle and that is the old cliché of the cheating lover or spouse. The number of people purchasing vehicle tracking devices in order to try and spy on or catch a spouse during extramarital activities are simply staggering. In fact, it may be safe to say that at least 50% of the people coming forward to purchase GPS car trackers are doing so for this reason. No matter what your goal is, a GPS vehicle tracking system can make your life easier in a number of ways and may be just what you need to get the information you so desperately need.

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