Update Your Honda Civic or Accord’s GPS with the New Honda Navigation DVD 2012


Some of the most popular and reliable models of cars in the United States and Europe are the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord.  Many people opt to purchase pre-installed GPS systems when buying these cars – which ultimately saves them on the cost of buying a standalone Garmin or TomTom unit.  Whilst this might save them money initially, it will mean that to download new map updates for the in-dash car navigation will a bit trickier than would be with a traditional GPS standalone system.

This is the case with Honda GPS updates, however they have tried to make things easier by making their new GPS map updates available annually – all a Honda owner needs to do is to purchase the latest Honda Navigation DVD from their Honda dealer, which can then be installed into the car dash GPS.

The most recent Honda GPS update  is the Honda Navigation DVD 2012 which was released in September of this year.  It contains all the latest routes and directions and means that Honda drivers need not fear driving down new roads or into strange and unfamiliar cities – because any changes to the nation’s roads will be on the new Honda GPS DVD which is available to purchase now.

From a cost perspective this is the only way in which someone who drives an Accord or Civic can update their GPS maps – and they are quite expensive and are in fact higher priced than Garmin Updates for owners of Nuvi GPS systems.

This is the downfall of opting to have a pre-installed GPS in any make or brand of car.  It might look neater being embedded into the dashboard, but when it comes to portability from car to car and the cost software updates, you will end up struggling.

On the plus side, updating your GPS with the Honda Navigation DVD 2012 is in fact very simple.  You buy it online from which point it might take three days to arrive.  When you get it, put it into the system, start your car up, and the whole thing takes literally a few minutes with minimal interaction from the user other then to press a few confirmation and checking messages.

Once installed, the new Honda GPS updates are ready to go and mean that you can continue to drive your Civic or Accord with no worries about getting lost or not having the latest maps that are available from the Navteq database.

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