Free Cell Phone Tracking Software – Putting it to Work

There are several different versions of free cell phone tracking software out there. Some of these claim to be free but actually come with a nominal monthly fee attached to using their services. However, whether you have cell phone tracking software that is free or you use a service which is provided by your carrier, it is one of the best tools you will ever have at your finger tips. There are many reasons cell phone tracking is advantageous. This application can be used for a variety of purposes.

Can All Cell Phones Be Tracked?

Now that we’ve discussed the fact that cell phone tracking is possible, let us look at the which cell phones can be tracked and why. First, it is important to point out that not all cell phone tracking applications require the use of a smart phone. Just about all Sprint and Nextel phones can be tracked through the cell phone’s network, rather than using the GPS satellites which are typically used in cell phone tracking. This means that Sprint and Nextel users may be able to use the network’s locator services without having to own a smart phone.

Types of Cell Phone Tracking Applications Available

All smart phones have some sort of cell phone tracking software and service that is compatible with them. Some of these services are free and some are not. Most cell phone tracking software is windows based and can be used not only from your home computer or laptop but also from your smart phone. The basic premise is that the software runs at all times on the cell phone you are tracking. Most cell phone tracking software will work on just about any smart phone you have, whether it is an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any other variation. In addition, there are also GPS tracking software applications that can be installed on laptops, notebooks and a number of other devices.

Tracking Your Kids

There was a time when parents had to wonder throughout the day where their kids were. They were faced with a couple of options. One option was to keep the kids home at all times or go with them everywhere, as that is unrealistic, especially when the teen years come into play, the second option was what they were left with. That option was worrying and hoping that their kids were where they were supposed to be and that they would arrive home safely. Today, cell phone tracking allows parents a better alternative. They can give their children more freedom while being able to track them in real time through an internet application that works with smart phones and GPS technology. What better motivation is there for a parent to provide their kids with a smart phone?

Keeping Tabs on Employees

Owning a business is challenging, especially when you are in some sort of service industry and you have people out in the field at all times. You are paying these people to do a job, be at specific locations and trusting them to do their jobs. As we all know, not everyone is trustworthy and while this is a sad reality, it is one we must face. As an employer, you can supply your employees with cell phones that have built in tracking so that knowing where each of them is at all times is as easy as a few clicks of your computer mouse. In fact, you can even use your own smart phone to locate all of your employees at any given time.

Cheating Spouses

This may be the most popular reasons for cell phone tracking as crazy as it may seem. Sadly, cheating is another reality that many of us must face. While it would probably be best not to be in a relationship with someone you don’t trust, we are living in the real world where fairy tales are few and far between. There are many cell phone tracking software programs that can be used to track a cell phone even when your spouse is not aware. If your husband or wife tells you he/she is going somewhere, you can always check to see if they are telling you the truth. This technology can help you know the things you need to know. After all, spying is not always right but cheating is never right. If you suspect you have a spouse who may cheat then cell phone tracking software may be just the thing for you.

Modern technology has made communication so much easier. We can keep in touch with our loved ones just by punching a few keys on our cell phones, checking into our social networking sites and of course calling them. GPS technology allows us to go a step further and enables us to look into their whereabouts, offering us a greater peace of mind.

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