The Best eBook Reader for Children – Which One?


You can’t fail to have noticed the eBook reader trend of recent years. More and more of us are ditching paper books in favor of lightweight readers that’ll let us carry hundreds of titles with us wherever we go. Although it’s easy enough to find the best eBook readers for adults, what about eBook readers for kids?

Should Kids Even Use eBook Readers?

First things first, are eBook readers even a good idea for our children? As with anything, there are pros and cons. Many parents already use technology as a learning tool for children, and eBook readers can provide extra features that real books just can’t, such as sound and video. True, you could use a computer for this, but an eBook reader provides a much safer environment for a child.

EBooks themselves also come with a number of benefits, not least the fact that they’re digital and don’t clutter up your home! As long as the books you need are available in eBook form, you can help the environment and save space in the home or in your child’s backpack.

The only real downside is that eBook readers themselves are expensive, and the eBooks can be too. This is especially true for eReaders designed with kids in mind, where there are only a very limited, relatively expensive range of titles available to buy.

Choosing The Best eBook Readers For Children

Many of the eBook readers on the market for adults are designed to look as much like paper books as possible. As such, they have very plain designs and black and white screens using “e-Ink” technology. Although e-Ink is easy on the eyes and pleasant to read, it might not really inspire your child to get reading more often.

Instead, it helps to look towards specific items designed for children. Not only are these more “fun” and eye-catching, but they’re also easier to operate, and made to be more durable. We all know just how much our kids can put their toys through! Would you really want to risk that with a delicate glass-screened eReader?!

The V. Reader Animated eBook System by Vtech is currently the only real option available for kids on the market today. The design itself is fun and colorful, and it comes in either blue or pink to suit your child’s tastes. This eBook reader is far cheaper than other readers like the Kindle or Nook, but the downside is that it requires new cartridges for different books, which can be relatively expensive.

Some extra features of the V. Reader include the fact that kids can type on the Qwerty keyboard, look up works in the dictionary, hear stories read aloud, play reading games and more.

In short, eBook readers for children are very valid educational tools, and can help make reading fun through the use of interactive features. Take some time to make sure that there are books your child likes, and they’re bound to find enjoyment in this type of gadget.

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