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Free Cell Phone Tracker for Android & iPhone

Free Cell Phone Tracker for Android & iPhone

As soon as I added “take-out” delivery to the list of services my rapidly expanding restaurant and catering business provides, I decided to buy my first smartphone, a HTC Sensation. I was like a kid in candy store when it came to installing any of the 1000’s of free apps available from the Android Marketplace.

Of all the apps, the most useful to me, both in business, and as a family man, was a free cell phone tracker app, in this instance the Real Time GPS Tracker. Not only is it a locator for my phone if lost or stolen, but as a personal application it allows me to keep track of my kids, and for business purposes, keeps me informed of the whereabouts of my restaurant’s delivery drivers. This app is truely a hidden gem in my opinion, and I highly recommend it.

Tracking the Kids

Like any parents, my wife and I are always concerned for the safety of our kids, especially when they’re out at night with friends. From an early age they’ve each had their own cell phone, so that we could contact each other if needed. Since I installed the free tracker app on their phones, I feel it has given us that added layer of protection in keeping tabs on the kids. They now don’t need to call to tell us where they are, as we can monitor their location remotely. And yes, I know some parents will think this is intrusive, but really, in this day and age you can’t be too careful. Our kids understand our concerns, and are happy to have the app installed, as they also feel safe in that if something goes wrong, we know where to find them quickly.

Route A to B

On a business level, the free cell phone tracking app has well and truly proved its worth. As an example, the biggest expense I had to face in offering home delivery to my customers was the gas price. And the records indicated that some drivers seemed to be clocking up excessive mileage.

Since every delivery driver uses a company cell phone, I installed the free cell phone tracker on each of the driver’s phones. With the app installed, after a few days it was very easy to spot which drivers were taking “detours” on their delivery routes. After speaking to the offending drivers, in just one week the cell phone tracker saved me the cost of a full tank of gas. Given the conditions, I actually felt guilty about getting this tracker for free.

All in all, I found the cell phone tracker app the perfect way to keep an eye on your employees and stay in touch with family members. I suggest that you too install a free cell phone tracker and put it to work. At the minimum it will help you retrieve your phone if lost or stolen, and any other uses you may find for the tracker will just be a bonus. And you sure can’t complain about the cost.

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