Asus Mobile Products Including the Asus EEE PC


As creators of the netbook Asus never seized to release powerful and affordable netbook products on the IT market. Will you choose to buy yourself an Asus EEE PC? What type of Asus EEE PC will you go for? Initially the EEE was a netbook (the 700 series) but today there are all sorts of different Asus EEE Laptops. You will even find tablet PCs from Asus.

Do you want a laptop for your kid? The EEE Disney Netpal is probably the best choice. It comes with an Intel Centrino 2 processor, Windows XP operating system and is very easy to use (your kid will learn with the help of this magnificent computer), it also has a special software that will make it web safe for your kid. The computer is designed especially for kids, it even has a keyboard that will not be destroyed if your kid spills something over it. This laptop may be the perfect gift for your growing kid.

Do you want something more innovative? If so you could buy the EEE Keyboard PC EK1542. At first glance it will seem like it is a normal keyboard, however the truth is that inside this stylish keyboard there is a complete PC. You get to turn any screen you like to into a computer with the help of this amazing keyboard.

Do you want to be able to see your friends and let your friends see you while using your phone? If so another Asus EEE product you may choose is the Videophone Touch Ai Guru SV1T. It is the first Skype certified videophone and it will really help you keep the connection with all the people you want to.

Are you tired of the simple laptop/netbook you have been using? You could go for one of the new Asus netvertibles such as the Asus EEE PC T91 which will offer you the advantages of a laptop and of a tablet PC in one single device.

There are many Asus products you might really enjoy. If you want to buy a new IT device Asus is definitely one of the best choices. Start searching the net for details about Asus EEE notebooks and other Asus products if you are interested in them, and then go to the nearest dealer and buy your proffered Asus EEE model. A good place to start looking online is the website, where you can find a lot of comparisons and other info regarding products from Asus.

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