Kindle 3 – The Best eReader on the Market

The new Kindle 3 ebook reader is out on the market and flooding the streets with its mighty awesomeness! One of the best electronic book readers on the market today, the Amazon Kindle 3 offers stunning performance for all you book lovers out there!

The new Kindle is available in two versions; one of them is priced at around $140, and can connect to the internet exclusively through private or public WI-FI networks. The other Kindle 3 version is priced at around $190 and it comes with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. The free, built-in 3G connectivity uses the same technology as cell phones, making it possible to download or purchase any product or file from any location with cell service! Now that’s what I call mobility! The 3G version of this ebook reader is available in two colors, graphite and classic white!

Both of these cool gadgets use the new E-ink “Pearl” display, which offers higher contrast than precedent models and also a faster refresh rate! Despite this fact, it is in fact slower than traditional LCD displays.

Furthermore, the newest Kindle is 0.5 inches narrower and 0.5 inches shorter than the Kindle 2. It can support international Unicode characters and additional fonts. Battery life is up to one month of reading, whilst the wireless is turned off.

The Amazon Kindle 3 is believed to be one of the best electronic books reader out there, being one of the fastest-selling product of its generation, receiving positive reviews all around, from users and websites, believing that the Amazon Kindle 3 offers “the best reading experience in its class”. – Review Horizon

The Kindle 3 operates on a Linux 2.6.26 system, has a storage capacity of 3 or 4 GB internal flash memory, depending on the model. This little guy weighs in a little less than 300 grams, perfect for those month-long vacations, where mobility and space are vital.
The Kindle 3’s dimensions are 7.5 x 4.8 x 0.34 inches, making it a portable and easily usable device.

It’s safe to say that the Kindle reader is simply the best out there, considering all its characteristics and positive review. I would personally recommend buying this product as it satisfies even the harshest of users.

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